The Middle Aged in the Society as Equal Citizens

01.10.2022- 31.03.2024

The population of middle aged in the society is consistently increasing and their contribution to the
community should not be underestimated. It is necessary to support, include and expand one’s
knowledge to continuingly be an active citizen.
The project “The Middle Aged in the Society as Equal Citizens” target group are 50+ year old people
from Põlva and Võru county and another target group are people who wish to contribute to the well
being of the middle aged and them being active members of society. There have been two supporting
training programs to help to understand and find solutions to manage well in our ageing society.
As a result of the program there are more people in the neighbouring areas who are
knowledgeable of their opportunities to be involved in the society and communities, feel needed and
can contribute their skills and experience in the development of the local area.
The project´s partner is Põlvamaa Rahvaülikool